Hi! My name is Trista and I am thrilled to have you as a reader. Whether you are a Type 1 diabetic yourself, or are close to someone who is, I hope that what you find on my blog will help you find balance amidst the blood sugar, sweat, and tears of life!


A few quick facts about me:

I was born and raised in Vermont- so I love all things outdoors! Hiking the Green Mountains, kayaking at the lake, sailing with my dad, biking on summer evenings, running (with lots of hills), long walks on the dirt roads… Being outside is where I feel my very best.

I have been an athlete for my whole life- in fact, my first birthday party was an outdoor ice skating adventure on the nearby lake! (I stayed bundled up in my stroller, of course). I have played many different sports, with varying levels of success. As a younger athlete I was an avid ice hockey player, but I ended up playing field hockey in college. Ever since I graduated I have found my way of replacing the thrill of competing in organized sports through running races and learning new fitness activities such as yoga.

I love to read- Fiction, nonfiction, books, magazines… I typically have multiple tabs open of online articles and an ever-growing list of books I must read. I just came home from the library book sale yesterday with 20 new items… going to be hard to find room on the shelves for those!

I love peanut butter. And chocolate. Separately, of course, but together is always better 🙂 I have often wondered if my heart actually pumps out peanut butter…

I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when I was 4 years old. My dad is also a type 1 diabetic and I feel fortunate every day to have had him as a mentor, buddy, and advisor. I know my childhood would have been different without his knowledge and experience.

Enough about me for now. Or if you want to find out more- please reach out!

Thank you for reading.