#RemixYourWorkout Challenge: Part 2


Last week I wrote about how loosening my definition of a workout allowed me to have more opportunities to exercise without adding unnecessary stress to my life. This is really important during the holiday season, but this is a mental shift that has changed my life significantly throughout the last six months as I have been easing away from a regimented fitness routine.

This week, I’m sharing another way you can #remixyourworkout. Often we use our body to determine our exercise patterns- rotating leg day, upper body, long distance cardio, HIIT, and yoga. It’s really important to tune into how we physically feel, but lately, I’ve also been allowing my heart to weigh in on my workout choices.

For example, today I was having a really bad case of the Mondays. I was feeling icky after a weekend of wine, cheese, and not enough sleep or time to myself. I had been wanting to try hot yoga for a while and today the idea of flowing in a warm cozy room really appealed to me. I didn’t force a peppy barre3 workout first thing in the morning or a high impact run. I let my body have a bit slower start to the week, which is what my heart truly desired.


Hot yoga was new for me and I really enjoyed the experience. Sometimes, when I am feeling sluggish and out of sorts, the last thing I want to do is slow down and be with myself, but this yoga class showed me that this was exactly what I needed to do in order to come out on the other side of that slumpy mood.

Have you ever thought about choosing your workout based off of your emotions instead of hoping your emotions will change based off of your workout? This is just another way your can #remixylurworkout to help you become even more in tune with your body, mind, and spirit.


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