Coming Down from a High

Have you ever had such an amazing weekend that when Monday rolls around you’re struggling to navigate your way back to normal? That’s kind of how I am feeling today. I had a great time with my family and friends at home the last two days and now I have a little bit of a heartache. A good times hangover, if you will.

I’ve learned to accept this about myself. I usually look forward to gatherings, holidays, and family parties so much that I am completely depleted by the time they come around and I am already sad about the end before it’s even begun! I’ve started to realize that this is no way to live. But I know that I feel things so fiercely that it’s hard for me to have so much joy and pleasure in one weekend without feeling an emotional low when it’s over.
Sunday morning I woke up with a very high blood sugar, thanks to a set malfunction. Of course my first instinct was to give the correction and then go out for a walk or a jog to help bring the blood sugar back down more quickly. Sometimes in an effort to bring our blood sugar But, after a weekend of lots of extreme numbers (due to a mixture of alcohol and treats), I knew that what I really needed was to just let my blood sugar come down slowly and allow it to level out. If I went jogging, I would have come back at the other extreme, which is not what I wanted. I needed the chance to slow down and let my body recalibrate.
Yesterday evening, I realized that this is the same approach I need to take as I come down from my emotional high. There is no need to rush myself into my typical go-go-go schedule today- because that will just cause me to come crashing down. Instead, I let myself sleep in a little later. I skipped the 6:30AM boot camp class and went for a neighborhood stroll. I packed a nutritious, but satisfying lunch to fuel myself. I have plans this evening to catch up with a friend for a weekly 5k run at the local high school. I know that I will need some social interaction to keep me from feeling sad and lonely after leaving my family, but I don’t want to go out or be overwhelmed with too much small talk.
By easing my way back into the middle ground that exists between the heightened moments of life, I can embrace the wonderful experiences of the weekend and graciously adjust myself back to my routine. Instead of pushing myself too much or being hard on myself, I am slowing down and accepting this day as a chance to slow down and nurture my soul.
Have you ever felt this way after a big event? Do you have any tips on coming down from the highs of life without getting low? Share your strategies in the comments below!

One thought on “Coming Down from a High

  1. I usually am already trying to plan the next event before the current highlight is over lol…. But this year I really have begun to realize what a terrible memory I have. Things that happened over the weekend that I really loved and enjoyed are gone not to long after the weekend is over. So this past winter I started to keep a journal. I love reflecting on the moments of the weekend and the phrases or things people said that made me laugh. As well as any emotional highs and lows from the event. It helps me remember the joy and the moments. And also gives me a chance to read back as to what happened so I don’t forget it all. Great Blog Trista❤️!

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